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Y4 Sayers Croft Residential

Year 4 returned on Friday weary eyed after an action packed 3 days at Sayers Croft. The children set off from St Joseph's on Wednesday for their first residential trip and for most of them their first time away from their parents. The children were a real credit to the school and behaved extremely well throughout the activities. The first challenge the children faced was to make their own beds this took lots of planning and essential teamwork to finally find the right end to put the duvet. Once the beds had been made they took part in orienteering which took place across the site so the children familirised themselves with the area. Later that night after dinner children enjoyed a campfire and a little sing song. Children began the next day with a hearty breakfast as they took part in 4 different activities including caves, rock climbing, ropes course & challenge course. All activities encouraged the children to discover new things & improve teamwork and communication. On the second night children enjoyed a nightwalk through the forest ending with a movie night and hot chocolate. The final day saw them enjoy 2 more activities with den buiding and a blindfold trail providing great entertainment. As we said goodbye to Sayers Croft the children have left with positive experiences that have helped them develop confidence and the ability to try new things.