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**Open morning for Reception 2022 intake is on 2nd December at 2.00p.m. Please book a place by ringing or emailing the school office** ** Open morning for prospective Nursery intake September 2022/January 2023 Thursday 3rd February at 9.15a.m. Please book a placed by rining or emailing the school office** Afternoon Nursery places available for children 3 and over - enquiries to the school office**

Warhammer Club

The PTFA began by running the first Warhammer Club of the year on Thursday 14th October. The children had a great time and cant wait to get stuck in to model making!

Warhammer club have been progressing nicely with their figures in their last session before the half term, utilising their artistic skills for their full potential!

Warhammer club back up and running after the half term break.