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Spring 2 Well-being focus: Humour


Dear parents/carers,


This half term our wellbeing focus is humour. It has long been known that humour is an important component of emotional health, affecting relationships, brain development and physical health. How you relate to peers, how you understand your peer group, how they relate to you, can be affected by humour. Childhood humour helps make people resilient, improving their ability to cope with stressful circumstances. If a child can interpret a difficult situation in a humorous way, as opposed to just ‘a bad thing is happening to me’, that could make a significant difference in how their brain and body responds to that difficult situation.


In our assembly on humour we have made sure that the children know that having a laugh can make you feel a little bit better when you are feeling unhappy, sad or worried, but reminded them that humour shouldn’t be used to pretend that you don’t feel sad or worried.

Another important message that we have shared with the children is that it is unkind to laugh at someone else’s problems or because of the way that they look, think, speak or act.


That said, we will be celebrating humour throughout the school with a joke competition, with the winners being shown in a video compilation in assembly. We will also ask the children to let us know which funny books are their favourite.


March the 20th is World Happiness day and we will have posters up, where children can write what makes them happy.


Humour Strategies for parents to use


Just remember, above all, that sarcasm has no place. Only "no hurt" humour is acceptable.


  • Laugh at yourself -- when you do something silly or wrong, mention it and laugh at it.


  • Have a Joke a day – parents/carers and children can prepare one joke each a day to share with the family.


  • Talk to your children about what books make them smile and laugh, and find out why they find them funny.


  • If your child is feeling tired or grumpy- find a funny (not rude or mean) youtube clip or programme to watch, or tell them you favourite joke.