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** Open morning for prospective Nursery intake September 2022/January 2023 Thursday 3rd February at 9.15a.m. Please book a placed by ringing or emailing the school office** Afternoon Nursery places available for children 3 and over - enquiries to the school office**


Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Reception Class Page!


Class Teacher: Ms Kelly Aziz   

Teaching Assistant: Ms Nawal

In Reception, we learn through play-based learning where we investigate, explore and discover whilst developing our independence. To find out more information about our Curriculum please click the following link: 

School Uniforms

All children should be wearing:

  • Blue polo shirt (NOT WHITE) with the school logo
  • Either grey school trousers (NO LEGGINGS) or grey school skirt/pinafore. Girls are able to wear the summer blue and checked dress until October half term.
  • Blue school cardigan or sweatshirt


PE clothing should be worn on PE days, which are Tuesdays and Thursday. The PE uniform is: PE t-shirt in the child's house colour, with school logo, black shorts/jogging bottoms, with the school cardigan or sweatshirt, the children will stay in their PE kit all day so there is no need to bring in uniform as well.



Our library day is on Friday. The children borrow a book from our school library every Friday. The books should be returned by Thursday in order to obtain a different book each week.


Water Bottles and Snacks

Children should have a water bottle, clearly labelled with their name, all clothing should also be labelled. There is no need for your child to bring in a snack as fruit is provided at every first break, also rucksacks are not needed, only book bags should come in to school.


School Meals

We know some parents have had difficulty in ordering a hot meal for their child. The contact number for Feeding Hungry Minds is : 01924792334 or you can email them at ALL children are expected to take up the free hot meal which is offered, please do register your child and place an order for a meal. If your child has any allergies we are able to give you an allergy form to complete which we will send to the catering company.


EARRING ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME - if your child does have pierced ears then please remove the earrings before they come to school.

Home Learning

It is so important to spend the time reading with your child. We would advise you to read with your child every day to support them in their reading. If you have an issues or problems with this, please come and see us and we will always help!


Phonics is a way of teaching children to read skillfully. They are taught how to recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes, identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make – such as ‘sh’ or ‘oo’ and blend those sounds together from left to right to make a word. Children can then use this knowledge to ‘decode’ new words that they see or hear. This is the first important step to learning to read.


We use two phonics schemes at St Joseph's to support the teaching of reading and writing:


1) Jolly Phonics provides the children with pictures and actions to support learning of the sound


2) Letters and Sounds has a range of activities to practice the skills of sounding out and blending phonemes to support their progress in reading and writing.   


In phonic sessions, children are taught to recognise letters, understand the sound they make, and then blend them together to create words. Some words, which cannot be phonetically sounded out, are taught at each phase. These are ‘tricky words’ and are taught through sight recognition.