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** After-school activity clubs end on Friday 13th December (except for French club)**Check out our school video: click 'About us' then 'School Video'**Gospel challenge of the week: When you see that things are difficult for others, do all you can to help and serve them.**


School Uniform:

School uniform is now available through our supplier PMG schoolwear.  

They have a store at  393-395 Hook Road, Chessington KT9 1EL)

(50 yards from Hook & Chessington Library, free parking available outside or opposite in Sainsburys Local car park)

Order online at: 

(you can choose home delivery or to collect at the store)


Please ensure your child is wearing full school uniform each day with their name clearly labelled.

We have both a Summer and Winter uniform, they consist of:




  • House Tie
  • White shirt or Blue St Joseph's polo shirt 
  • St Joseph's 'V neck' Jumper
  • Grey shorts/trousers
  • Grey/Black socks                      
  • Black shoes, no trainers          


  • House Tie
  • White shirt                                    
  • St Joseph's 'V neck' Jumper or  St Joseph's Cardigan
  • Grey skirt
  • Blue checked Summer dress
  • White socks
  • Black shoes, no trainers 
  • Blue headbands (long hair must be tied back)            




    Boys      Girls
  • House Tie   
  • White shirt
  • St Joseph's 'V neck' Jumper 
  • Grey trousers
  • Black shoes, no trainers                                           
  • House Tie
  • Grey skirt or Grey Trousers
  • White shirt
  • St Joseph's 'V neck' Jumper or St Joseph's Cardigan
  • White socks or Grey tights
  • Black shoes, no trainers 
  • Blue headbands (long hair must be tied back)

NB: Year 1 & 2 - school ties are blue & gold

       Reception - girls and boys wear polo shirts all year


PE Kits:

PE kits need to be in school every Monday and can go home on Fridays. Check your child's class page for their specific PE days. All kits need to be labelled clearly with your child's name. The uniform consists of:

  • St Joseph's PE t-shirt with black shorts (Summer) or black leggings/tracksuit bottoms (Winter). In Winter, the children can wear their school jumper over their PE t-shirt.

PE t-shirt

Early Years, KS1 & KS2 wear the St Joseph's PE t-shirt to reflect the house they belong to:

Green = Campion, Red = Fisher, Blue = More, Yellow = Southworth. 


Earrings and Headbands:
Earrings are not permitted in school. Children wearing stud earrings to school will either be asked to remove them themselves, or if recently pierced, to cover them with a plaster during any physical activity within the school day. Please think carefully about when, in the school year, you decide to have your children's ears pierced.

We do not encourage children to wear headbands. However, if they are worn in school (Blue only) the children will be asked to remove them during PE/Drama/Dance lessons for health and safety reasons. Long hair must always be tied back.



Inappropriate hairstyles are not allowed in school. Hairstyles should be natural in colour and discreet. They should be suitable for a formal working environment. Extreme hair styles and colours are not acceptable.

Some examples of inappropriate styles includes:

  • Shaved head
  • Designs shaved into the hair
  • Hair being dyed in unnatural colours



Children are permitted to wear analogue watches only.