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Child & Family Wellbeing Lead

We are regularly updating our Parent Wellbeing Page During this time of home learning to give you access to up to date advice and links to resources on all wellbeing Issues. If you have any specific needs please do get in touch.

Here is a link to the Government advice to parents and carers about the reopening of schools and childcare settings from June 1st



A useful pack of advice and links to helpful resources and organisations during Home Learning

If you Are Worried that You or a Family Member Has Covid19


If your financial circumstances have changed due to the Corona Virus or for any other reason and you need to apply for free school meals you can apply through Kingston Council by pressing the link below and filling out the electronic form. If you need any support with this process please get in touch with the school office and we will help you.


Local Wellbeing and Health Advice and Organisations
Services to Use If You Are Worried about Your Safety or the Safety of a Child
Help and Support for anyone worried about the emotional well being or Mental Health of a young person aged from 0-25
Parenting Advice and Free Helpline - open daily




Hello my name is Kate Shaw - As Wellbeing Lead for children and families I work as part of our Inclusion Team supporting children, parents and carers.

Our aim at St Joseph's is to support families and encourage children to enjoy school and feel happy and secure.

I am able to provide support for children and carers. I am also a link between home and school, and an ongoing contact as children move from school to school.

During term time, we work in partnership with parents and carers, school, and other agencies to support families - aiming to resolve current issues and prevent future difficulties.


I can help....

Children who are experiencing difficult times or who are withdrawn and anxious.

Parents or carers experiencing difficulties with their children's behaviour.

Families who are reacting to change, such as parental separation or bereavement.

Parents and carers whose children are reluctant to attend school or have been excluded.

Parents or carers who may need support on a wide range of issues or difficulties impacting on their family life e.g. illness, domestic violence, disability or financial difficulties.


I can also...

Help with links between you and school.

Support you at school meetings.

Help you towards other sources of help, advice and support.

Provide information on support groups for parents and carers.

Work closely with the Inclusion Lead to support wider issues.



Please contact me via the school office or via email at


With your consent we will explore the difficulties your child or family is experiencing and try to find the best way forward together.


Please click on the rainbow icon below for more information about our well-being focus from previous terms. 



Contact me

Workshops and Coffee Mornings

Please see below for any upcoming workshops and coffee mornings. Attending these is a really good way of meeting other parents and getting to know more about the support available. All these events for parents/carers will be held in the after-school club room which can be found in the Key Stage 1 playground, unless otherwise stated.  All parents and carers are welcome. If you have ideas for future workshops, please contact me through the contact form above.


If no workshops/coffee mornings are advertised at the moment, please check back soon.



Have you heard about the ‘Kids Matter’ parenting group at St Joseph’s?

After the success of our first two groups, we will be running another Kids Matter group in the autumn term.  The group is a non-judgemental space in which you can talk through difficulties and you will be offered practical tips and skills on how to make family life more successful.


The Programme:

  • for parents and carers of children aged 0-10
  • lasts for 6 weeks
  • small groups of 4-8 parents
  • working together with our user-friendly and evidence-based manuals
  • sitting together around coffee, tea & pastries


If you are interested in attending this in September 2020 please contact Kate Shaw directly email, via the school website, or the main school telephone number to book your place.


Please click on the links below to find out more information regarding each subject/organisation.