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Section 48 Inspection

Catholic Schools Inspections (CSI)


Following an interrupted year due to Covid-19, Catholic schools inspections (formerly known as Section 48 inspections) will recommence in Autumn 2021. 

Comments from Our Section 48 Follow-Up Visit

"The values of the school are clearly displayed across the school. The school is a warm, welcoming environment and both visually and in the atmosphere in school, it is clearly a community based on faith and a clear vision. There are a number of areas across the school dedicated to the saints of the classes and areas providing the children with opportunities for the children to consider and reflect on their faith."


"The school celebrates the diversity within their community. There is a map of the world, marking the places where the children come from. They have also taken the opportunity to display the Lord’s Prayer in a variety of languages."


"All members of the school community share the Gospel values and there is a clear sense of respect for all. The school is welcoming to visitors."

Comments From Our Section 48 Inspection

"Overall, the quality and range of opportunities for pupils’ moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.

The pupils’ behaviour is excellent. The school is fully inclusive. Pupils are proud of their backgrounds and beliefs and convey a strong sense of personal worth."


"Parents state that the school has a "friendly, welcoming, happy family atmosphere where there is an open door approach to dealing with concerns." They appreciate the high level of pastoral care which their children receive and the fact that teachers are available and readily willing to address any issues that arise."


"Leadership and management are good. Governors are supportive, actively involved in guiding the school’s development and well informed. They perform their role as critical friends, undertake learning walks, participate in relevant staff training sessions and maintain on going dialogue between leaders, staff and pupils."