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**Open morning for Reception 2022 intake is on 2nd December at 2.00p.m. Please book a place by ringing or emailing the school office** ** Open morning for prospective Nursery intake September 2022/January 2023 Thursday 3rd February at 9.15a.m. Please book a placed by rining or emailing the school office** Afternoon Nursery places available for children 3 and over - enquiries to the school office**

Our Staff Team

    Acting Headteacher                         Senior Strategic Lead



Mrs Marion McDonnell                        Mrs Maggie Fairweather


    Inclusion Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Helen Mayhew  




Teacher:                                            Nursery Nurse:                                Nursery Nurse:

Mrs Katerina Harris                         Mrs Ella-Marie Neckles                      Miss Sharon Heptinstall                       



Teacher: Ms Kelly Aziz                    TA: Miss Nawal


Year 1                                          


Teacher: Ms Shannon Ferguson   TA: Mrs Samatha Metayer

Year 2 


Teacher: Mr Thomas Burbage       Apprentice TA: Isabelle Nicola-Thompson


Year 3


Teacher: Mrs Suzanna Welikala    Teacher: Mrs Angela Hill             TA: Miss Judit Szalacsovis



TA: Mrs Venka Kavasova


Year 4 



Teacher: Mr Joseph Comisky          TA: Mrs Fiona Paul


Year 5


Teacher: Mr Mike Bawn           TA: Mrs Margarita Panayi        


Year 6


Teacher: Mrs Anida Baker            TA: Mrs Agnieszka Partridge         TA: Ellemay Maher




Teacher: Mr Ronnie Hill   


Wellbeing/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead         


Wellbeing Lead for Children 

and Familes: Mrs Kate Shaw



Admin and Site Staff

 PA to Headteacher/

 School Administrator                                 Business Manager                           Admin/Finance Assistant                                                              

Mrs Julie Lynch                              Ms Aleks Dyrka                                   Mrs Danielle Andrews           


Office Apprentice

Marcus Henson


Site Manager

Mr Danny Humphreys


Other Staff


Mrs Della Abbott                               Mrs Maria Navanthan

Lunchtime Supervisor                       Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs Izabella Janda                              Mrs Eileen O'Neill

Lunchtime Supervisor                              Cleaner