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Count On Us Primary Challenge competition


Year 4/5 take part in the Count on Us Primary Challenge!


On Tuesday, three children from St Joseph’s took part in the Count On Us Primary Challenge. This is a maths tournament involving over 100 schools across London. Sambavi (4C), Kevin and Dagem (5R) represented our school and put in a very strong showing working as a team to complete against 20 other schools in South West London.

Here is their report on the day:


In the maths tournament the first round was Tangrams which is a puzzle of 7 pieces which you put together to make shapes. The second round was Pentominoes which are similar to Tangrams. For the third round we had to make the number 24 using cards with four different numbers. For this round we switched tables and faced other schools! The final round was codebreaking where we had to identify the names of London bridges and reveal the coded message. Out of all the schools, we were the first team to crack the code!


We worked really well as a team and loved the experience!