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Home Learning PE Activities


Platform PE - PE with Mr Ford Week 1

It is Cricket Season so here is a quick 15 minute PE lesson with Mr Ford that you can join in with at home. Equipment required - - 1 small ball (tennis ball)...

Platform PE - PE With Mr Ford Week 2

Hi All, We are back for week 2 of our online PE sessions today we take a look at some basic tennis skills to help us to perform a forehand shot.

Platform PE - PE With Mr Ford Week 3

Hi guys welcome to week 3 of PE at home with Mr Ford, join in with me for a Gymnastics adventure through the jungle.

Platform Challenge - Technical Challenge 1

Platform Challenge - Physical Challenge 1

Platform Challenge - Technical Challenge 2

Platform Challenge - Physical Challenge 2

Platform Challenge League This is our 2nd physical challenge give it a go to get some points on the league table. Equipment Required - Tall Wall - Post it no...

Platform Challenge - Technical Challenge 3

Platform Challenge - Physical Challenge 3

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