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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4 Cressida Cowell Class 

Class Teacher: Mr Burbage    Teaching Assistant: Mrs Manning

Welcome to Cressida Cowell Year 4 class, here are just a few reminders that may help over the year:



These are given every Friday which must be learnt and practiced DAILY as we carry out a test the following Friday. 


Times tables

The times tables homework is to play at least 10 garage games on the Times Tables Rock Stars website. The times tables in the garage section of the website are chosen specifically for your child. The number of games that has to be played resets every Friday.


Maths and English home learning

Both are given out on Wednesday, to be in on the following Monday.


Online Learning:

Along with the usual home learning I also encourage children to complete a set of activities on Mathletics as well as play some of the games on 'Live Mathletics'.

Children will be set a Reading Eggs task to complete each month. This website is great for expanding their reading comprehension skills.

Please let us know if your child has problems accessing the internet so that we can ensure they have alternative home learning!

Subject Given out Return
English Wednesday Monday
Maths Wednesday Monday
Spelling Friday Friday
X tables Friday Friday

Home Learning may consist of more than one piece of English and Maths.


Reading Books 

All children have a reading book and reading record diary that they are encouraged to bring home and share with parents/carers. When they have finished reading their book, children are able to change them when they arrive at school each morning. Please sign your name and write any comments each time you listen to your child read, and also when they have completed their book. Children in Yr 4 C are expected to read for at least 15mins, daily. 



PE days are on Wednesdays(indoor) and Fridays(outdoors). Please ensure children have their full kits in school on these days. No jewellery is permitted. It is helpful for the children to have their PE in school from Monday-Friday in-case it may be needed.


Recorder Lessons 

This year the children will have weekly recorder lessons. These lessons will be taught by a music teacher from the  Kingston Music Service on Tuesday afternoons. Each child will have an opportunity to loan one of the school’s recorders so they can continue to practice this skill at home.


We really appreciate all the hard work you do with your child at home.

Science investigation - Can sound waves travel through solids as well as gasses?


Year 4 used plastic cups and string to investigate whether sound waves can travel through solids as well as gasses.

We discovered that the sound waves traveled from the base of the first cup, through the string and then into the second cup. 


We then tried pinching the string to see if it would change our results - It did!

When someone was pinching the string, the vibrations and sound waves would be stopped so that they couldn't travel to the other cup.


Well done Year 4. Keep up the hard work!

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Love For Learning Day!

Love For Learning Day! 1
Love For Learning Day! 2
Love For Learning Day! 3
Love For Learning Day! 4

A huge thank you to the parents who shared their love of learning with 4C on 16.10.18.

Ava's mum shared her passion for storytelling through the art of photography and Sophia's mum shared her love of calligraphy. The children enjoyed hearing about your journeys and the all important message of not giving up on your passion- no matter what obstacles you may face! We were all inspired and very grateful for your time!


Thank you from Mrs Welikala and all of 4C. 

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