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Catholic Education

Our Prayer Garden

Our prayer garden is now complete! Children in KS2 enjoyed activities related to the story of the Good Samaritan led by the charity ‘Insight’ and contributed their prayers that are now on display in the prayer garden. Come and have a look if you can! Members of our faith council have described it as, ‘peaceful’ (Izabela), ‘amazing’ (Rommel) and ‘loved and cared-for’ (Dylan).

Competition winners

Every class was given a quote from the Bible to inspire them in creating a piece of art work based around the wonderful world God has given us and the unconditional love God gives us.

The winning design from each class has now been revealed in the front entrance hall on our new spring display. Congratulations to:

6I –Rahma

6S – Muhammad

5M – Lilly

5R – Dagem

4F – C-J

4C –Mika

3 – Rupert

2 – Summer

1 – Tianah

Reception – Maja

Nursery – Teamwork


Find out more about the RE curriculum in our School.


Our School Prayers

Governors Fund

What’s the Governors’ Fund?


All Catholic Voluntary Aided Schools must raise a voluntary fund from parents, governors and friends to cover at least 10% of the cost of repairs and improvements to the school building and to fund extra facilities and activities for the children.


This is The Governors’ Fund. It relies on donations from parents, governors, teachers and friends.


The school receives funding from the Government to cover salaries, educational materials and other essentials. But this does not cover all our costs and without this fund we would not be not able to undertake essential repairs and improvements

How can you help?

To allow us to continue this work, we are asking each family for a voluntary donation of £15 each term.

You can pay:

 by cash or cheque (payable to St Joseph’s Governors’ Fund); or

 electronic transfer or direct debit (account no 01292390, sort code 30-94-77).

Payments can be made:

 each term (£15 each term); or

 annually (£45 each year).

Please also let us know if you would be interested in running a fundraising event.

All contributions are warmly welcomed.

From the Governors at St Josephs, for the children…

…thank you!