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PE and Sport Premium



Sports Premium Funding


Primary PE and Sport Premium is an initiative that aims to help increase and improve the PE and sporting opportunities for children. It was first provided in the 2013/14 academic year and the current government has pledged to continue this funding until 2020. 

All primary schools receive a lump sum of £16,000 plus £10 per pupil aged 5 or over on roll. At St Joseph's we aim is to use the funding effectively to ensure that standards of learning and achievement in PE and Sports are raised, with all children, regardless of their background, engaging in physical activity as part of the curriculum and extra-curricular provision.


As a school, we decided to spend a large portion of the funds on improving the quality of KS1 physical literacy in order to give children a solid fundamental platform to take with them into KS2. This change has brought about a whole school engagement and enjoyment of PE & sport it has allowed:

  • An increase importance of physical activity and its benefits. 
  • Expert sports coaching in a range of different sports, which has had a positive impact on the school’s recent performance results;
  • Lunchtime & curriculum sporting tournaments to give all children the opportunity of participating in competitions;
  •  Increased pupil awareness of the importance of sport & physical activity in achieving a healthy lifestyle.


We have also been able to use the funding to continue to invest in sports equipment for the whole school. We also continue to be a member of the Kingston School Sports Partnership.


Annually we review how the sports premium is being spent and what areas of PE and school sport need improving. We run an inclusive health check using the school games criteria at the start of every school year. This health check allows for the sustainable spending of the allocated funding across different areas of PE & school sport.


To find out more and how we spend the funding please see our document below.

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