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Growing Broad Beans

Growing Broad Beans 1
Growing Broad Beans 2
Growing Broad Beans 3
Growing Broad Beans 4
Growing Broad Beans 5
Growing Broad Beans 6
Growing Broad Beans 7
Growing Broad Beans 8
Growing Broad Beans 9
Growing Broad Beans 10
Growing Broad Beans 11
Growing Broad Beans 12
Growing Broad Beans 13
Growing Broad Beans 14
Growing Broad Beans 15
Growing Broad Beans 16

Sport's Day

Sport's Day 1
Sport's Day 2
Sport's Day 3
Sport's Day 4
Sport's Day 5
Sport's Day 6
Sport's Day 7
Sport's Day 8
Sport's Day 9
Sport's Day 10
Sport's Day 11
Sport's Day 12
Sport's Day 13
Sport's Day 14
Sport's Day 15
Sport's Day 16
Sport's Day 17
Sport's Day 18
Sport's Day 19
Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Reception Class Page!


Class Teacher: Ms Harris     Teaching Assistant: Mrs Turza

In Reception, we learn through play-based learning where we investigate, explore and discover whilst developing our independence. To find out more information about our Curriculum please click the following link: 


Reception have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. PE kits are sent home half termly to be washed. If you wish to wash your PE kit earlier than that please let us know. 

Home Learning

It is so important to spend the time reading with your child. We would advise you to read with your child every day to support them in their reading. If you have an issues or problems with this, please come and see us and we will always help!

Making gingerbread men

Making gingerbread men 1
Making gingerbread men 2
Making gingerbread men 3
Making gingerbread men 4
Making gingerbread men 5
Making gingerbread men 6
Making gingerbread men 7
Making gingerbread men 8

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday 1
Shrove Tuesday 2
Shrove Tuesday 3
Shrove Tuesday 4
Shrove Tuesday 5
Shrove Tuesday 6

Christmas party

Christmas party 1
Christmas party 2
Christmas party 3
Christmas party 4
Christmas party 5
Christmas party 6

We made jam sandwiches.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3