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School Council






St Joseph’s School Council 2018-19

With God in our hearts we learn and grow together on our journey through life.


Each year voting takes place in every classroom, for the children to be elected to the School Council.

Y6 I – Curtis Accacia

Y6 S – Jessie, Grace

Y5 – Kanaiya, Aiza

Y4 – Connie, Jason

Y3 – Jennifer, Max

Y2 – Alex, Georgina

Y1 – Jack, Kirstin


The School Council aims:

  • To have a voice which is listened to

  • To encourage pupil engagement in learning and the life of the School

  • To take responsibility for their environment, academic progress and standards of behaviour

  • To promote active citizenship by having an input into decision making concerning the future of the school


The roles and responsibilities of the School Council:

St Joseph's School Council meets at least each half term (with a senior leader) to discuss and sort out problems or to come up with great ideas or initiatives to make the school even better. These may include school lunches, behaviour, business plans or ideas for fundraising events. Members of the School Council will be responsible for carrying out ideas that they have agreed, such as planning charity events, meeting with Governors or putting forward views of other children in the School.


This is what the School council said about their roles:

We talk about ' how to make the school a better place.'  

‘To make learning as fun as can be at school so Children put their heart into it.’

‘We can get ideas from all the classes on how to make our school better.’

Their role is ' looking after teachers and people in the school.'  

The School Council ' help the school to be the best it can be.'  


Previous school council achievements:

Improved playground – (KS2 Astro turf, table tennis, more equipment, replaced bark in bark area) (KS1 building equipment, stage area in KS1 playground). 

New Library and  wellbeing room.

More variety of after school clubs - (non-sport based) We provided Art Club, Bible Club, Zumba, Science Club and will be looking into other clubs which have been requested.