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**IN LINE WITH GOVERNMENT ADVICE - ALL CHILDREN WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL ON 8TH MARCH 2021 ** Unfortunately at this time, visitors are not being admitted to the school. Contact can be made by either telephoning or emailing the school office** Applications for Nursery for September 2021 are now being taken, 15 and 30 hour places will be available. Enquiries to the school office**

Who's Who


  Headteacher                          Deputy Headteacher


  Mrs Sarah Keefe                    Mrs Marion McDonnell


 Inclusion Manager  


Mrs Helen Mayhew  




Teacher:                                  Nursery Nurse:                    Nursery Nurse:

Mrs Lesley Jones                   Mrs Ella-Marie Neckles                Miss Sharon Heptinstall                            




 Teacher: Ms Katarina Harris    TA: Miss Nawal


 Year 1                                          


Teacher: Mrs A Sheehan       TA: Mrs Gabriella Radecka


 Year 2 


 Teacher: Mr Thomas Burbage         TA: Mrs Samantha Metayer


 Year 3


 Teacher: Mrs Suzanna Welikala            TA: Mrs Fiona Paul


Year 4 



 Teacher: Mrs Anida Baker        TA: Miss Judit


 Year 5


 Teacher: Miss Claire Skerry                 TA: Mrs Elaine Burnett                 TA: Mrs Agnieszka Partridge  


 Year 6


 Teacher: Mr Mike Bawn       TA: Mrs Judith Croucher             




Teacher: Mr Ronnie Hill   




Wellbeing Lead for Children 

and Familes: Mrs Kate Shaw



Admin and Site Staff

 PA to Head/

 Admissions                     Business Manager                        Admin/Attendance                     


     Mrs J Lynch                        Ms A Dyrka                                        Mrs V Sturdy           


 Site Manager

Mr D Humphreys


 Lunchtime Supervisors


         Ms D Abbott                      Mrs M Navanthan