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** After-school activity clubs end on Friday 13th December (except for French club)**Check out our school video: click 'About us' then 'School Video'**Gospel challenge of the week: When you see that things are difficult for others, do all you can to help and serve them.**


School Community and Safeguarding Sub-Committee

Committee Members: Tom Morrell, Sarah Keefe, Angela Combe, Zenaid Richards


Terms Of Reference:

This committee reviews and analyses the behaviour of pupils. It takes into account the views of parents, pupils and others when making decisions. We are regularly in contact with the School Council and welcome the pupil's comments and feedback. We monitor punctuality and attendance closely and ensure all pupils are able to contribute towards a wider community environment. We encourage and promote healthy lifestyles within the school community, and carry out regular safeguarding visits and audits.


Curriculum and Achievement Committee

Committee Members:    Lesley Jones (Chair), Sarah Keefe, Laura Brazier, Penny Rickard


Terms Of Reference:


Our aim is to support the Head and teachers in providing excellent teaching within the school, ensuring that each child fulfils their true potential. We do this by careful consideration of the curriculum and by supporting school initiatives to ensure that the widest possible range of subjects are being taught in an inspirational and successful way. Each Subject Leader reports to us termly with an overview of how the subject is being taught and how each class is progressing within that subject. We also monitor the school's overall attainment on a regular basis and work with the Senior Leadership team to ensure that the School Development Plan is on track.


Financial Performance Sub-Committee

Committee Members: Sarah Keefe, Penny Rickard, Ania Pankowska Mason

Terms Of Reference:


The Financial Performance Sub-Committee monitors the school's financial well-being and supports the Headteacher in her initiative to improve the school's controls over expenditure. We meet at least once a term and more frequently during the Spring term, when the budget is being prepared. In addition, the Chair meets periodically throughout each term with the Business Manager (Bursar) and Headteacher to review the school's finances. The Financial Performance Committee's main responsibilities are :  Finance, Staffing, Premises and Health and Safety.