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YR5R - St Anthony

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ANTHONY'S parents were very rich and wanted him to be a great nobleman. But he wanted to be poor for the sake of Christ, so he became a Franciscan.
Anthony was a great preacher. He was sent out as a missionary and preached in many cities in Italy and France. He brought sinners back to God mostly by his good example.
One day, when Anthony was praying in his room, the Infant Jesus appeared to him, put His little arms around his neck, and kissed him. This wonderful favour was given to him because he kept his soul free from even the smallest sin and because he loved Jesus very much.
When he became ill, he went to a monastery outside of Padua where he prepared for death.
Many miracles took place after his death on June 13, 1231. Even today he is called the "wonder-worker." He was only thirty-six old when he died. Thirty-two years after his death his remains were brought to Padua.