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What is Tootoot?


Tootoot is the award-winning reporting platform and app for schools, colleges and universities. 


Children and young people can log into tootoot on a computer, tablet or mobile and report any worries or concerns they might be having directly to the teachers in your school, in a safe and anonymous way.


Tootoot can be used to report all worries and concerns that children and people have - from friendship issues to bullying, worries about a friend to issues at home, cyberbullying to mental health related concerns - whatever's on the mind of any child or young person can easily be reported using tootoot.

On Monday 17th September, we launched Tootoot in school.  All the children in KS2 now have a username and password to login to Tootoot.  They can use any device at home or in school to report any concerns or worries they have about themselves or other children.